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 FLEXIPIXTILE is Peel & Stick Aluminum Composite Mosaic Tile with more than 500 colors and patterns combination and variety of chip sizes and shapes to help the designers and homeowners to find the perfect match based on their needs. They are peel and stick tiles to make it easy for everyone to simply install them on any suitable surfaces, without needing special tools. 

Where can FLEXIPIXTILE be used?

 FLEXIPIXTILE can be used in almost all interior spaces of residential, commercial and hospitality applications, both on walls and ceilings.* They are perfect for Kitchen backsplashes** or as accent walls in offices, restaurants, fast food chains, bars and lobbies. However they are NOT recommended for applications where there might be direct continuous contact with water, or a possibility of high moisture in the air. (e.g. shower rooms, sauna rooms…) 

*Please check with your local building code department first. 

** A minimum of 12" distance between any fire flame and tiles is highly recommended. 

Can I use FLEXIPIXTILE behind the kitchen range or stove?

 FLEXIPIXTILE is resistant to normal heat as well as cooking splashes. However we strongly recommend a safety zone of 12 inches between any open flame and tiles. For other cooking devices such as counter ovens or toaster ovens, keep a distance of 6 inches between tiles and device. 

Can I use FLEXIPIXTILE on furniture surfaces?

Yes! FLEXIPIXTILE is a perfect solution to give a touch of style to your old furniture, as long as its surface is clean and suitable for the tiles backing adhesive. Use your imagination to create a unique design which will surprise your guests.

How can I clean them?

 It’s very simple! All you need is a damp cloth to give them back their original shine. In case of tough stains, use a mild non-abrasive cleaning product and follow its instruction. (Do not use any sharp objects to remove the stain or dirt.) Dry the tiles after cleaning. 

Do I need someone to install it for me?

 Not necessarily! Attached to a strong adhesive backing, this peel and stick tiles make it simple for you to easily install them on almost any clean and suitable surface and get the effect you want in less than few hours. All you may need is a measuring tape, a utility knife and a basic knowledge of installation. Please see Installation Guide for more information. (In applications where a specific dimension is required, a sheet metal scissor would be needed.) 

What kind of subsurface needed for installation?

FLEXIPIXILE can be installed on any suitable interior clean and sleek surfaces including dry painted gypsum board wall, wood and metal, and even can be used to cover existing tiles. 

Are they easy to cut and resized?

 Yes! All you need is a standard utility knife to cut in between the joints, or a sheet metal scissor to cut the chips. We recommend using trim profiles to cover the cut chips.

How strong is the backing adhesive?

 FLEXIPIXTILE is manufactured with a very strong backing adhesive which will last for the life cycle of the tiles. Once they have been properly installed, they will be as stable as any other conventional tile and will stay unchanged for a long period of time. 

Are they fire resistance?

FLEXIPIXTILE are tested by QAI Int’l Laboratories and are classified in C Category per ASTM E84 Tunnel Test. You can check with your local building code department to see in which applications or occupancies our tiles can be used. If you need more information, please send your requests to

Are they moisture resistance?

 Yes! Once installed properly they will resist the humidity level of a bathroom. applications or occupancies our tiles can be used. If you need more information, please send your requests to

Are they fade resistance?

 Yes! FLEXIPIXTILE is designed to resist the normal indoor solar light and won’t fade during their life time. However they are designed for indoor use only and CANNOT be exposed to outdoor weather. 

Do you offer International shipping?

 Yes we do. International shipments will be quoted per order to acquire the best possible shipping rate. Customs brokerage, duties and taxes are not covered in the shipping rate and will be billed directly to you separately by the carrier. 

What is a CVV code?

 The CVV code or "Card Verification Value" is 3 to 4 digit number on the backside of your credit card. This code provides additional security for your protection. 

Why has my credit card been declined?

A declined credit card can be frustrating. Unfortunately we don't know any more than you do of why your credit card is being declined by your bank. The best thing to do is to contact your bank and explain the problem.