Welcome to home of FLEXIPIXTILE & EZWALLcover , two wonderful and premium products for all your decorating applications.


Gallery2Products 2 Decorate, LLC offers new generation of interior wall coverings trade marked as FLEXIPIXTILE & EZWALLcover.

  • FLEXIPIXTILEis an aluminum composite mosaic tile with more than 500 colors and patterns combination and variety of chip sizes and shapes to help the homeowners, designers and business owners to find the perfect match based on their needs. 

It’s designed to make a visual impact. The dramatic effect of Aluminum finish presents a contemporary style that is impossible to imitate. Attached to a strong adhesive backing, this peel and stick tile makes it simple for you to easily install it on almost any surface and get the effect you want in less than few hours. The nominal thickness of the tile is 3/16” and it comes in 3/8”, 9/16” and 1” chip sizes, (as well as some other special shapes) and each sheet approximately covers one square feet of wall or ceiling.

  • SeesawEZWALLcover is a soft leather panel, consisting high quality PU leather finish and high density memory PU foam inside. It can be easily installed on all interior surfaces, such as walls and ceilings to transform any simple interior spaces into a new and gorgeous design. Available in different design and color combinations, our panels will bring lots of attention to your designed space and will create that wow feeling for your guests or clients, which perhaps you were always looking for.

Either you are an interior designer, looking for a modern finishing material and a gorgeous look, or a homeowner trying to decorate your old walls or furniture by your own, our products will offer the best solution for you.